Boston Reid - Real Estate and Nascar

As friends and family, I would like to share exciting news!  I have embarked on a new adventure into the exciting world of Real Estate in the Charlotte area. 

In today’s tough economic times it is rare to hear about positive times…here is my story and what motivated me to become an Agent.

A couple of years ago, a knowledgeable agent guided me through the process of identifying and purchasing a house that was significantly undervalued.  In fact, this house is my own personal residence and I have enjoyed having immediate equity in my personal residence, including the ability to use that equity to purchase other investment properties. Tough market?  Yes.  It is also an opportunity for those who are able to respond to these times which produce great values.

Life is about giving back, and I have been very fortunate and want to share my knowledge of the real estate industry with you, whether it be your personal residence or income property.

Remember, this is a time of good fortune / great investments for many.  Let it be yours.  Call and put my expertise to work for you today!


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